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Where does OneNote for Mac store its notebook files?

Ever wondered where Microsoft’s OneNote stores its files on the Mac? OneNote stores all its data in the location. “~/Library/Containers/ Support/Microsoft User Data/OneNote/“ To go to that location, open Finder. Press Go on the Apple menu bar into Go > Go to Folder… Or Press Shift+Command+G and paste the location below into the Go to […]

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Latest Git on MacOS

MacOS ships with Git by default and it works out of the box, but this version of Git is not the latest and does not receive any type of update, unless you switch to a newer release of MacOS. MacOS updates its libraries once every release this means if you Big Sur shipped with Python […]

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Sierra bootable USB

Upgrading Macs to the latest version is quite easy. Today we will show you how to create a bootable Mac OS Sierra USB. This method can be extremely useful if you must upgrade many Macs. Use a USB drive that does not have any valuable information as this process will erase the data. All you […]

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How to install Blender on Mac

Blender is a  free production ready open-source 2D/3D Animation software package that is used by studios and individuals to create stunning artwork, animated films, models, packshots, VFX, 3D printing and video game development. It is also one of the few software that offers GPU rendering (Cycles Renderer). Currently, it only supports CUDA GPU and has […]

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Python3 on Mac

Mac by default does not ship with Python 3 this means you have to install it manually. There are many ways of installing it, the first way is to download pre-build package from the official website and install it on your system. The second way is by compiling it on your system. While both the […]