Compile Blender 2.90 on Linux

Blender 2.90 is currently in alpha stage shipping with new features and improvements, here is the complete release note of changes that will take place in this release. First, we need to get the dependencies and packages required to build Blender 2.90 alpha Initial dependencies for Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint and Elementary OS. Initial dependencies for Fedora/CentOS […]

How to setup fastest mirror in Dnf

Dnf by default does not choose the fastest mirror, but this can be changed by editing the dnf.conf file. The dnf.conf file is in /etc/dnf/dnf.conf. Edit the file Once the file opens the content should look something like this. Let’s add fastmirror to the config and enable it. Add below the line skip_if_unavaiable=True the following. […]

Wintersmith on Raspberry Pi

Wintersmith is an open source flexible static website generator written in Node.js that uses Jade for templating and Marked. Jade is a simple and easy to use templating engine that supports complete HTML markup and uses indent to nest a specific tag in or out of another tag. Marked is a Markdown parser that supports […]

PHP 5.6 on Ubuntu

PHP 5.6 is the latest stable version of PHP available. The latest stable version of PHP available for Ubuntu is PHP 5.5.x, If you want to PHP 5.6 or upgrade your existing PHP 5.x install to 5.6 follow this guide. PHP 5.6 can be installed using a PPA which makes it even easier to install […]