Open multiple instances of Maya on Mac OS

On a Mac OS by default you  can have only one instance of Maya running. The instance can have multiple windows open, but this means you are limited to be working on one project or file at a time.We can open another instance of Maya with the help of the command line, for this we […]

How to fix skewing problem when rotating geometry in Maya

Duplicating mesh to speed up model creation process, but sometimes Maya does not like that. The mesh might skew while transforming, rotating or scaling, which can be very time to consume to fix and deform the mesh to an unfixable state. This tends to happen due to Maya miss-calculation of grouping. To fix this select […]

Keyboard shortcuts every Maya user must know

Maya is one of the most popular Animation software widely used by studios and hobbyist. It has advanced features and tools sets that other software currently doesn’t offer making it the most preferred software in a pipeline. Having many tools to work with can be sometimes very painful especially when you have to go through many […]