Make the DNF package manager faster and more efficient.

Here is how to speed up the DNF package manager on your Rocky, Fedora, CentOS, RHEL, or any other Linux distribution that uses Dnf as its package manager. The default configuration of DNF is not optimized for speed. We can add a few tweaks to the dnf.conf and make it faster. The tweak we can … Read more

Jekyll on Fedora

Jekyll Logo

Jekyll is a free and open-source static site generator written in Ruby. It is popularly known for being used to power the GitHub Pages service. I switched my testing machine to Fedora 34 to test Gnome 40 and to work on some web development projects. In that process, I discovered that setting up Jekyll requires … Read more

How to fix not found on Fedora

Here is how to fix the error “ not found” this error takes place because the Fedora install is missing the mesa-libGLU, the library which consists of the file. You can fix this issue by downloading and installing the library by entering this command in a Terminal. After this process is complete, any program, … Read more

How to fix Dummy output issue in Fedora

If your sound settings show Dummy output instead of displaying the sound device in Fedora, your installation might be missing specific sound card drivers. Sometimes, the sound card works in the first boot or the live session but does not work after the installation. There are many reasons to come across this issue, one of … Read more