Darryl Dias

Hi, CG Generalist who fell in love with Animation after learning what can be achieved with Computer Graphics and plan to share my knowledge as I learn it.

Filmic Blender is an OpenColorIO configuration based on ACES (Academy Color Encoding System ) color space which is currently the industry standard and great known for photorealistic render, I recently discovered

Final render can be time consuming and taxing on the hardware, It is not recommended when you have to show mechanics or need a much quicker or instant render. An

I always wanted to create an art work of outer space and finally created it after several days and hours of work. Software: Blender 2.78 Render: Cycles Render

I lit the scene to look like an early morning. Only three lights were used, one area light and two spotlights. The file was created by CGCookie

As I was working on one of my projects that required a super glossy chrome shader. I ended up creating one for Cycles Render in Blender 2.78 and thought