Darryl Dias

Darryl is a 3D Generalist, web developer, Linux system administrator. An autodidact, natural critical thinker, fast learner and good at problem solving.

I started learning about Linux at the age of twelve and started using Linux based systems since then. Linux fueled my curiosity and made me want to learn it in depth. In the process of learning it. I discovered there are many websites that cover Linux and other topics, but they never seem to explain why do a certain thing or what is the most efficient way or best practice, to do something for example, setting up a LAMP stack. I decided that I would publish article on my blog and share my knowledge with curious individuals that would want to read and learn, reducing the amount of time other spend troubleshooting and offering the best information and solutions I can.

Over time I started liking the world of open source and started teaching myself programming. I started with PHP, so I could edit the WordPress theme my site was using at the time, then started writing my own CMS. This made me more interested in web development, so I went on a journey learning it and started developing themes for Grav, Ghost, WordPress, Jekyll and Statamic. I started freelancing as a web developer once I got comfortable doing web development work.

I felt like I wanted to do something more and I started learning Computer Graphics and took Blender for a test and enjoyed it a lot and decided to pursue a career in the Animation/VFX and Games industry, I spent some time self-learning CG and studying industry standard software used by animation and game development studios.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Animation from Full Sail University. You can find my portfolio at this link

I currently work as a 3D artist specializing in Look development at Flight Crew Productions.

These days I constantly try to improve my workflow, by finding efficient ways of working faster and write tools and software that I wish existed.

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