Compile Blender 2.90 on Linux

Blender 2.90 is currently in alpha stage shipping with new features and improvements, here is the complete release note of changes that will take place in this release. First, we need to get the dependencies and packages required to build Blender 2.90 alpha Initial dependencies for Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint and Elementary OS. Initial dependencies for Fedora/CentOS […]

How to setup fastest mirror in Dnf

Dnf by default does not choose the fastest mirror, but this can be changed by editing the dnf.conf file. The dnf.conf file is in /etc/dnf/dnf.conf. Edit the file Once the file opens the content should look something like this. Let’s add fastmirror to the config and enable it. Add below the line skip_if_unavaiable=True the following. […]

Deno package manager

Deno is a secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript. Deno lets you use third party written scripts and modules but does not currently offer any official package manager like NPM or Yarn, it instead deals with third party packages a bit differently. It uses built-in system to cache third party scripts and modules. You can […]

Install Deno on Arch Linux

Deno is a secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript. Deno is basically Node reversed. We will install Deno on Arch Linux. Enter the following commands in Terminal. Next step is specifying Deno’s path to bash. Open .bashrc and add the lines below to it. Open a new Terminal instance. Enter the following command. To check […]

Why I stopped using Jetpack

Short answer, it was an overkill. Jetpack is a plugin for WordPress by Automattic. It extends WordPress by offering extra features, like uptime monitor, that would email you if your site goes down, this is useful if you want to keep an eye on the uptime of your website, it also lets you automatically share […]