Visual Studio Code on OpenSUSE/SLE

Visual Studio Code is currently the most popular source code editor. It’s open source and maintained by Microsoft. I have seen it enhance development workflow and has been a replacement tools in many cases where heavy IDE’s where used. This article will show you how to get Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code installed and running on… Continue reading Visual Studio Code on OpenSUSE/SLE

Compile Blender 2.90 on Linux

Blender 2.90 is currently in alpha stage shipping with new features and improvements, here is the complete release note of changes that will take place in this release. First, we need to get the dependencies and packages required to build Blender 2.90 alpha

Deno package manager

Deno is a secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript. Deno lets you use third party written scripts and modules but does not currently offer any official package manager like NPM or Yarn, it instead deals with third party packages a bit differently.