My experience with WordPress SQLite

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A few months back I wrote a post on how to get WordPress running with SQLite which received a great response and turned out to be something people were looking for quite some time. This means instead of using a production-grade SQL Database you can use a file that can be queried as a DB, … Read more

PageKit (preview)

PageKit is an open source CMS (Content Management System) written in PHP, build using Symphony components and Vue.js, developed by YooTheme. It has a very clean and easy to use admin interface inspired by Google’s Material Design, that contains customizable widgets. It offers 3rd party developers to develop themes and plugins(extensions), plugin and theme dependencies … Read more

Lightweight WordPress setup

WordPress is the most popular CMS used by many websites; it is written in PHP which makes it an ideal choice for most people. It offers a lot of features and an easy to use backend. But it performs well until the MySQL database is small and your WordPress setup does not live on too … Read more

Grav CMS: What makes it better than others?

Simplicity and ease of use make Grav a real winner Grav is a free open source flat-file CMS written in PHP developed by RocketTheme, currently in active development, it’s fast and easy to set up and maintain, it supports theme and plugin development, so third party developers can develop themes and plugins for it. What … Read more