Darryl Dias

Hi, CG Generalist who fell in love with Animation after learning what can be achieved with Computer Graphics and plan to share my knowledge as I learn it.

It has been quite some time since PHP 7 was released, it has major bug fixes, improved and new ways of writing syntax and many other changes you can find

WordPress is a great CMS(Content Management System) to manage blogs, websites of various scales, over time it has gained popularity due to fulfilling demand of its users. It has

PageKit is an open source CMS (Content Management System) written in PHP, build using Symphony components and Vue.js, developed by YooTheme. It has a very clean and easy to

Composer is a dependency manager for PHP, that lets you manage dependencies by offering install/uninstall and options like creating projects. It manages dependencies for you, big projects like Laravel

In PHP you can use header function and create 301 redirect. Here is a sample snippet. Update: header('Location: http://example.com', true, 301); The code below is an older