How to get Gutenberg working with WordPress on NGINX

Here is a step by step guide from start to finish on how to get the new Gutenberg editor working with WordPress 4.x.x for users who host their website on NGINX.

Gutenberg is the new WordPress editor, which will ship with 5.0.

I won’t bore you by describing it further, as you have come here to get it working with NGINX. 

Houdini Indie is now available on Steam

Houdini 17 was released on October 2, with this launch comes huge amounts of upgrades to existing tools and big improvements in workflow. The Indie version is now available on Steam for $269.99 a year.

A week of using screen time on iOS 12

When Apple announced Screen Time as a feature, I felt like it was designed for me.

I am not a smart phone addict. I can live without it, there have been events when I did not have an active internet connection and still managed to live without it for a few weeks and even have my laptop and phone completely discharge to a point where there was no way to contact me, this was at the time when Hurricane Irma struck.

My problem starts when I have access to social media. I was not addicted to it for many years, until recently when apps finally started using the best of UI elements and algorithms to gain more attention and alter how content is shown to you.

Open multiple instances of Maya on Mac OS

On a Mac OS by default you  can have only one instance of Maya running. The instance can have multiple windows open, but this means you are limited to be working on one project or file at a time.

We can open another instance of Maya with the help of the command line, for this we will be using the Terminal.