Group mesh in Blender

Keeping things organized is key when it comes to working on a large project.

I was working with another Animation package on a big project that had many assets. All the assets where created according to the physical scale and built. The project had many scenes, I started organizing it by naming mesh and grouping them for easier selection and to have a better workflow.

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Select similar in Maya (Tutorial)

In component mode selecting similar vertices, edges and faces of a similar type to the current selection can be multiple steps and time-consuming.

Maya offers select similar, this tool selects the active component of similar type to the current selection, drastically reducing the number of steps.

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Preview render in Blender

I use Blender almost every day, as a 3D artist, from concept art, storyboarding to final 3D renders.

It was a tool when I started learning Animation, now it is a part of my life.

Renders can take a lot of time, depends on poly count, lighting, and textures. A good example will be a city scene and a camera is zooming in, this is very basic, but the scene contains large building which translates to dense geometry and lighting such a scene takes multiple points and area lights.

Textures are not heavy unless their 2K or above.

All this data takes a lot of time to process and sometimes, all we need is a preview to know, how well things are animated.

You could get a preview render in just a few steps. There are also various types of preview render, a good example is a Playblast.

To render a Playblast, you can follow this article.

Preview render in Blender Image 1

Playblasts are to view animation, but for stills and image sequence, we need to tweak some render setup settings.

In the Sampling section, we have Sampling Presets, which contains “final” and “preview”.

Preview render in Blender Image 2

  By selecting the preview, we are choosing, six samples in the viewport render and 12 while doing the offline render.

Preview render in Blender Image 3

The default settings provided by Blender is good for most scenes. You could change these settings to further adjust the render setup to your requirements.

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What is a Playblast?

A Playblast, is a viewport render from the active camera, used commonly for previewing Animation, Staging and placement and the population of elements in a scene.

It is a term common to Maya users.

This is not a final render, and elements like NURB curves are also rendered.

You could say a Playblast is a video capture of the viewport.

Below is an example of a Playblast

Flour Sack Jump Playblast from Darryl Dias on Vimeo.

To create a Playblast in Blender, you can follow this guide.

My experience with Anonymous Ads

I am writing this as a publisher.

Its been a few years now and a wonderful experience to run this website, I started it in 2014, and it was part of my experiment of running a production server, to put my skills to the test.

There was a lot to learn in terms of knowledge and experience, and my intention was always to share my knowledge and experience. When I started out I wrote tutorials, tips, and tricks related to Linux and web development, but as my interests changed and I started learning Animation, I spend my time writing more about Animation, Blender, and related topics.

After gaining a large audience and viewership, I decided that it is best to monetize the site, it would help cover the hosting and maintenance cost, and getting paid for a passion has a different feeling. It would also keep me motivated in the long term.

I started filling out forms of various ad networks, but most of them did not accept my request and as an independent blog, it is challenging to match the high and strange requirements of certain advertising networks.

As I was learning about Bitcoin, I discovered, A-Ads, which was exactly what I was looking for, a simple and easy to use advertising network.

It took less than five minutes, to signup and create an Ad unit for my site. What was even more impressive was how they kept their users updated on maintenance or anything related to their service and Bitcoin. They are very active on Twitter and have a blog for detailed discussion.

They payout takes place once it reaches the threshold, which currently is 0.001 BTC, they have never failed on payouts, they also keep me and other users informed if the Bitcoin network is having high traffic, or if they have technical difficulty, their transparency, and quality of service is the reasons why I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for an ad network as a publisher.

If you any question, leave a comment below, I will be writing a detailed review.

Mistaking movement for progress

Mistaking movement for progress is very easy.

I always wondered how did the day get over so fast.

There were times when a week would go by and I would feel no progress was made when trying to evaluate what was done in that time.

I wanted to fix this, so I decided to use a stopwatch and then evaluate how much time was spent on tasks.

The result was interesting, every time I felt stuck somewhere in my work, I would get distracted by apps and notifications, then end up browsing Instagram till the images started to seem old, escaping work for a short while felt nice, but over time this started to become a habit, a bad one.

Now when I get stuck or don’t feel like doing any work I would find a way to escape. Which did a big damage to my productivity.

I realized that when I browse apps and the web, the feeling of time would fade and interacting with a touchscreen seemed like movement, the further I scrolled, the more progress I had made, or at least I felt that way.

But by the end of the day, it was not real progress.

A better way to say it; you could move a lot on a road and yet not reach anywhere.

The feeling of busyness is what made the hour seem productive, but at end of the day, nothing was accomplished.

I am writing this so it reminds me constantly that it is out there and I need to stop.