Open multiple instances of Maya on Mac OS

On Mac OS by default, you can have only one instance of Maya running. The instance can have multiple windows open, but this means you are limited to be working on one project or file at a time.

We can open another instance of Maya with the help of the command line, for this we will be using the Terminal.

You can open it with the help of spotlight or go into the others folder in the Launchpad.

An example of the command in Mac Terminal

Enter the following command in the Terminal.


open -n /Applications/Autodesk/maya2020/


open -n /Applications/Autodesk/maya2019/


open -n /Applications/Autodesk/maya2018/


open -n /Applications/Autodesk/maya2017/


open -n /Applications/Autodesk/maya2016/


open -n /Applications/Autodesk/maya2015/


open -n /Applications/Autodesk/maya2014/


open -n /Applications/Autodesk/maya2013/


open -n /Applications/Autodesk/maya2012/


open -n /Applications/Autodesk/maya2011/

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Autosave in Maya

Autosave is a very handy feature, available in Maya.

Autosave, its names says it all, it incrementally saves the file, by default it saves the file with a five-minute interval.

This can be very useful if you are used to working for long hours, and you are used to seeing the apple spinning pinwheel.

Let’s not go more in depth with why you see the pinwheel, time to go straight into setting up Autosave.

First open Maya preferences. Windows > Settings/Preferences > Preferences settings-and-preferences

Maya Settings/Preferences
Maya Auto Save Off

The AutoSave tab is located under File/Projects

All you need to do is click on the Enable check-box, you can edit the settings below according to your requirements.

Maya Auto Save On

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Group mesh in Blender

Keeping things organized is key when it comes to working on a large project.

I was working with another Animation package on a big project that had many assets. All the assets where created according to the physical scale and built. The project had many scenes, I started organizing it by naming mesh and grouping them for easier selection and to have a better workflow.

As I kept working on the project, I started to think, how would I approach this in Blender.

Turns out it is easier than I thought it would be.

To group mesh, you need to select the object,


Then go into Object > Group> Create New Group

This will group the mesh, It will be named “Group”. The selection around the mesh should have turned green.


The Outliner does not show the group, by default it is set to show “All Scene”.


Switching to “Groups” using the drop down.


Now when you can select the group in the Outliner, and it will select all the mesh that are inside the group.

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How to fix skewing problem when rotating geometry in Maya

Duplicating mesh to speed up the model creation process, but sometimes Maya does not like that.

The mesh might skew while transforming, rotating or scaling, which can be very time to consume to fix and deform the mesh to an unfixable state.

This tends to happen due to Maya miss-calculation of grouping.

To fix this select the mesh that is skewing, then go into the outliner and move the node to the top-level removing it from any group.

This will fix the issue and the mesh will transform, rotate and scale normally.

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