How do I search for an available Python package using pip?

If you search for packages using pip, you may encounter this error. This is because, after December 2020, the pip search functionality was discontinued due to an unmanageable load on PyPi’s XMLRPC API service. The alternative to this is installing the pip_search package using pip. Pip search is similar to the pip search command; it … Read more

Install Python Pip on FreeBSD

To install Python 37, run the command below; if it is installed, you can skip this step. To install the Pip package installer, recommended by the PyPA, simply run the command below The command above will install Pip for Python 3.7. Now you can install packages by running pip install , for example:

How to install Pygame on Fedora Linux

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Pygame is an open source cross-platform Python module used for designing and scripting video games.

Pygame can be a great module to use on a device like Raspberry Pi.

I tried using Pip to install Pygame, but that did not work, here is the right way to get it installed on Fedora.

Pygame is available as a package in Fedora’s repository.

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