Ever wondered where Microsoft’s OneNote stores its files on the Mac?

OneNote stores all its data in the location. “~/Library/Containers/com.microsoft.onenote.mac/Data/Library/Application Support/Microsoft User Data/OneNote/

To go to that location, open Finder.

Press Go on the Apple menu bar into Go > Go to Folder…

Or Press Shift+Command+G and paste the location below into the Go to Folder window.

~/Library/Containers/com.microsoft.onenote.mac/Data/Library/Application Support/Microsoft User Data/OneNote/
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The image below shows an example of the data stored in this location; you can copy this folder if you wish to do a manual backup.

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  1. This is incredibly helpful. Microsoft threads don’t tell you where these things are!

    Much appreciated (I was able to recover lost notes)

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