Create a blog in Harp

Harp is a free, open source static site server written in Node.js, It support EJS and Jade for templating and Sass,Scss, Less and Stylus for stylesheets pre-processing and Markdown for writing pages. What do I mean by static site server? A static site allows you to use pre-processor for writing templates, scripts, stylesheets, and pages, … Read more

Adding meta description to Jekyll

Jekyll is a blog-aware static website generator written in Ruby that uses Liquid for templating and Markdown or Textile for writing posts and pages. Jekyll also supports CSS pre-processors like SASS, LESS. Here is an uncomplicated way to add meta description to your Jekyll-powered website. Meta description helps search engine bots display a summary of … Read more

How to fix horizontal scroll in Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap is a CSS library that lets you build website rapidly and let you focus on web development instead of writing lots of (CSS) and reinventing the wheel. If your content focuses more on code has large strings of code that need to have horizontal scroll instead of blotting in a specific area. You … Read more