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Do you need a CDN for a blog

A lot of blogs use CDNs these days this made me wonder if they seriously need a CDN or is it just because they can get one. What felt weird was how personal blogs used CDN, where the content was mostly text. I believed strongly that they used CDNs because the website was powered by […]

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Downgrading Ghost

You would have recently noticed the downtime on my website, well it was not a server maintenance day it was me being fed up with the numbers of bugs and other issues I was facing with Ghost version 0.9.0. In the recent months, I switched to Ghost and the reason was due to the way […]

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Switching to Harp

After using WordPress for many years, I finally decided to test many services like PAAS (Platform As A Service). I always choose WordPress to test such platforms as it turned out to be a good CMS and seemed to be really user friendly as it was written in PHP and used MySQL as a database […]