You would have recently noticed the downtime on my website, well it was not a server maintenance day it was me being fed up with the numbers of bugs and other issues I was facing with Ghost version 0.9.0.

In the recent months, I switched to Ghost and the reason was due to the way its interface was and ease of use. Completely designed for content development. It helped me be more productive because I could focus on writing and all I wanted was that. I preferred it because my website has a minimal designed and is oriented towards readers for other types of websites a fully blown CMS is a much better option like WordPress.

I was enjoying every moment of writing in Ghost until 0.6.4. I was aware that it lacked a lot of features that other platforms offered but the fact that I could preview Markdown side by side and have almost complete screen occupied for content writing made me stick with it. It was all perfect until Ghost decided to redesign the admin interface in version 0.7.0 which looked nice. I instantly upgrade to it and started working with it, at first it was nice until I started feeling that the sidebar occupies a lot of space and when set to hide would pop up every time my cursor moved close to the focus area, I could avoid that so I did not care about it and continue to upgrade it with the latest release.

Over time I started discovering that sometimes I typed to search for a blog post with the right post name it would never appear in the search result and at times open the post I was editing earlier that was not related to the search. What I expect was it being fixed in a newer release which never happened it started getting worse.

The admin panel already started loading slower and the login process would take a longer time instead of thing speeding or getting stable newer feature were included in beta that was not at all functional which was most disappointing.

Normally a software or app is supposed to get better more stable in a newer release instead this got slower and start to have more bugs and non-functional beta features.

All the beta features are supposed to be functional and not to be part of the app as a dummy.

I got annoyed and switch to version 0.6.4 which is faster and feels nicer.

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