Ruby on Arch Linux

Ruby is a dynamic, open source general-purpose programming language with a simple and easy to understand syntax. Writing code in Ruby is extremely easy, Ruby based source code is easy to read to a non-programmer to. Ruby is widely used for creating web applications and offers really popular web frameworks like Sinatra, Ruby on Rails […]

Jekyll on Raspberry Pi

Jekyll is a blog aware static website generator written in Ruby that converts Markdown files into static HTML files. It supports many Markdown interpreter here are some of them RDiscount , Maruku, Kramdown and RedCarpet. Jekyll stores its configuration in a ‘_config.yml’ file that contains information about how to build the static website and which […]

Atom on Arch Linux

Atom is a cross platform open source text/source code editor developed by GitHub written in C++, Node.js, Coffee Script, JavaScript, CSS. Atom offers a built-in package manager called APM to install packages developed by Atom developers and third-party developers. Atom is built on top of Chromium-based desktop application framework. The user can tweak atom UI. […]

Brackets on Debian/Ubuntu…

[![Brackets](]( Adobe Brackets (once known as Edge) is an Open-Source cross-platform source/text editor for Web development written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Brackets is free and licensed under the MIT License and maintained on GitHub. Currently, Brackets has yet to achieve version 1.0. It gets updates roughly twice a month. Brackets, at the time, is under […]