Deno v1.1.1 has been released

Deno v1.1.1 has been released

Deno v1.1.1 is out, it is a secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript.

It aims to provide a productive and secure scripting environment, it let the developer have more control over the scripts the compiler is running compared to Node.js.

Deno is written in Rust and TypeScript, based on V8.

Here are the changes made in this release.


  • fix: “deno test” should respect NO_COLOR=true (#6371)
  • fix: Deno.bundle supports targets < ES2017 (#6346)
  • fix: decode path properly on win32 (#6351)
  • fix: improve failure message for deno upgrade (#6348)
  • fix: apply http redirection limit for cached files (#6308)
  • fix: JSX compilation bug and provide better error message (#6300)
  • fix: DatagramConn.send (unstable) should return bytes sent (#6265#6291)
  • upgrade: v8 to 8.5.104, rusty_v8 0.5.1 (#6377)
  • upgrade: crates (#6378)

Changes in std version 0.58.0:

  • feat(std/log): expose logger name to LogRecord (#6316)
  • fix(std/async): MuxAsyncIterator throws muxed errors (#6295)
  • fix(std/io): BufWriter/StringWriter bug (#6247)
  • fix(std/io): Use Deno.test in writers_test (#6273)
  • fix(std/node): added tests for static methods of Buffer (#6276)
  • fix(std/testing): assertEqual so that it handles URL objects (#6278)
  • perf(std/hash): reimplement all hashes in WASM (#6292)

To install Deno follow the instructions in the article below.

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