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Deno is a secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript.

Deno is basically Node reversed.

We will install Deno on Fedora.

Enter the following commands in Terminal.

curl -fsSL | sh
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Next step is specifying Deno’s path to bash.

Open .bashrc and add the lines below to it.

nano ~/.bashrc
export DENO_INSTALL="/home/$USER/.deno"<br>export PATH="$DENO_INSTALL/bin:$PATH"
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Open a new Terminal instance.

Enter the following command.


Run the following command.

deno run
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Happy Coding!

Darryl Dias

I’m Darryl. I’m a 3D Artist, Programmer and Linux enthusiast. On this site I share my insights, tips and tricks, tutorials, methods and best practices.

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