Dnf by default does not choose the fastest mirror, but this can be changed by editing the dnf.conf file.

The dnf.conf file is in /etc/dnf/dnf.conf.

Edit the file

sudo nano /etc/dnf/dnf.conf

Once the file opens the content should look something like this.

[main] gpgcheck=1 installonly_limit=3 clean_requirements_on_remove=True best=False skip_if_unavailable=True
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Let’s add fastmirror to the config and enable it.

Add below the line skip_if_unavaiable=True the following.


The dnf.conf should look like this.

[main] gpgcheck=1 installonly_limit=3 clean_requirements_on_remove=True best=False skip_if_unavailable=True fastestmirror=1
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Save the file.

Run the following command.

sudo dnf clean all

Now fastmirror is enabled you can download anything, for this example I will download Zeal an offline document browser.

sudo dnf install zeal

There is the output.

[darryl@linuxvm ~]$ sudo dnf install zeal [sudo] password for darryl: determining the fastest mirror (94 hosts).. done.-- B/s | 0 B --:-- ETA Fedora 32 openh264 (From Cisco) - x86_64 2.2 kB/s | 5.1 kB 00:02 Fedora Modular 32 - x86_64 1.1 MB/s | 4.9 MB 00:04 Fedora Modular 32 - x86_64 - Updates 896 kB/s | 3.5 MB 00:04 Fedora 32 - x86_64 - Updates 2.1 MB/s | 18 MB 00:08 Fedora 32 - x86_64 3.7 MB/s | 70 MB 00:19 Dependencies resolved. ================================================================================ Package Arch Version Repo Size ================================================================================ Installing: zeal x86_64 0.6.1-5.fc32 fedora 473 k Installing dependencies: pcre2-utf16 x86_64 10.35-3.fc32 updates 212 k qt-settings noarch 32.0-3.fc32 fedora 9.3 k qt5-qtbase x86_64 5.14.2-5.fc32 updates 3.4 M qt5-qtbase-common noarch 5.14.2-5.fc32 updates 11 k qt5-qtbase-gui x86_64 5.14.2-5.fc32 updates 5.8 M qt5-qtdeclarative x86_64 5.14.2-1.fc32 updates 3.9 M qt5-qtlocation x86_64 5.14.2-2.fc32 updates 3.0 M qt5-qtsensors x86_64 5.14.2-1.fc32 updates 228 k qt5-qtwayland x86_64 5.14.2-3.fc32 updates 1.1 M qt5-qtwebchannel x86_64 5.14.2-1.fc32 updates 97 k qt5-qtwebkit x86_64 5.212.0-0.46.alpha4.fc32 updates 13 M qt5-qtx11extras x86_64 5.14.2-1.fc32 updates 35 k xcb-util-image x86_64 0.4.0-14.fc32 fedora 19 k xcb-util-keysyms x86_64 0.4.0-12.fc32 fedora 14 k xcb-util-renderutil x86_64 0.3.9-15.fc32 fedora 17 k xcb-util-wm x86_64 0.4.1-17.fc32 fedora 31 k Installing weak dependencies: gstreamer1-plugins-good-qt x86_64 1.16.2-2.fc32 fedora 46 k libyui-mga-qt x86_64 1.0.3-0.20.gitb508e88.20140119.fc32 fedora 42 k libyui-qt x86_64 2.47.1-17.fc32 fedora 321 k libyui-qt-graph x86_64 2.44.6-7.fc32 fedora 57 k Transaction Summary ================================================================================ Install 21 Packages Total download size: 32 M Installed size: 106 M Is this ok [y/N]:
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You can now successfully have Dnf downloading packages from the mirror with the lowest latency.

You can join the Reddit discussion here.

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  1. is absurd that most distros do this, the lowest latency in South America, almost always means the slowest and most unreliable mirror…

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