Why I switched to Muut for comments


Muut similar to Disqus is a discussion service that unlike Disqus with only allows commenting lets you to embed the discussion as an embed to your website so you can have a complete discussion section on your website.

The other great feature of Muut is it supports Markdown. Which means that if I can write posts in Markdown you can write comments in it too.

I switched back to Disqus because Muut free plan is very limited.

Python3 on Mac


Mac by default does not ship with Python 3 this means you have to install it manually.

There are many ways of installing it, the first way is to download the pre-built package from the official website and install it on your system.

The second way is by [compiling](https://www.python.org/ftp/python/” target=”_blank) it on your system.

While both the way listed above is the correct way to install Python3 updating to the latest version might a bit of work because the above methods don’t update by themselves or with a help of any command-line tools.

The third way is to install it with the help of Homebrew

Homebrew is a package for Mac that lets you install any package available in its repository with less than 4 commands depending on the install instructions.

If you have Homebrew already installed on your system you are good to go, if not you can install it from here

Python3 can be installed by entering this simple command in the terminal.

brew install python3

Linking Python3 apps and utilities by entering this command

brew linkapps python3

You can update to the latest version of Python 3 by entering this command

brew upgrade python3

Now you are good to go with your Python3 based development environment on your Mac

Happy Coding!

Ruby on Mac


If all you want it to install the latest version of Ruby and don’t require different versions of it installed side by side you can use Homebrew to install it on your Mac.

All you have to do is enter this command

brew install ruby

Your Ruby development is now only a few gems away.

Thank you for reading

The blogging pattern


You may have noticed recently there was not much content being updated on my website and no updates were available about when my posts would get published.

I was working on a new project and was a bit busy learning Unreal Engine, which is a very nice gaming engine, but a very new thing to me, as I had no experience in a 3D gaming engine.

At some points I was busy with things and had very less time to test thing out that are going to be a part of my posts, so I prefer not to publish the posts because unless I have an assurance that the guide or post would work without any errors/flaws a few times, I don’t let the draft turn live, so the readers don’t face any problems and always have an easy and clean setup with less or no errors.

I post a new article every Tuesday, Why? because I get most of my visitors on Tuesday and it would be really nice for them to have a newly published post to read, also visitor who has been visiting my sites know my publish date is Tuesday and has been the most preferred day, due to my earlier schedule.