You may have noticed recently there was not much content being updated on my website and no updates were available about when my posts would get published.

I was working on a new project and was a bit busy learning Unreal Engine, which is a very nice gaming engine, but a very new thing to me, as I had no experience in a 3D gaming engine.

At some points I was busy with things and had very less time to test thing out that are going to be a part of my posts, so I prefer not to publish the posts because unless I have an assurance that the guide or post would work without any errors/flaws a few times, I don’t let the draft turn live, so the readers don’t face any problems and always have an easy and clean setup with less or no errors.

I post a new article every Tuesday, Why? because I get most of my visitors on Tuesday and it would be really nice for them to have a newly published post to read, also visitor who has been visiting my sites know my publish date is Tuesday and has been the most preferred day, due to my earlier schedule.

I compiled a list of software and services that I use to improve my workflow, here is the link to the list.

Darryl Dias

I’m Darryl. I’m a 3D Artist, Programmer and Linux enthusiast. On this site I share my insights, tips and tricks, tutorials, methods and best practices.