What is Windows Package Manager?

Windows Package Manager (WPM) is a service that allows users to install applications on their Windows computers from a wide range of sources. It is integrated with the Winget command-line interface (CLI) and offers a convenient way to access and install applications from various online repositories. With WPM, users can install applications from the Microsoft … Read more

Install Google Chrome using Winget

Winget is a new addition to Windows 11 and now ships with the most recent release of both 10 and 11. It lets you find, manage and configure application software on your windows install. It also enables you to create bundles to install the same programs while doing a mass install or infrastructure update. This … Read more

Install Nvidia drivers on RHEL 9

I recently installed Red Hat Enterprise Linux on my NUC laptop and it ships with an RTX 3070. In the process of getting the GPU drivers set up, I came across a simple way to set up the official Nvidia drivers on RHEL. This article will cover every step. All you need is one reboot … Read more

Make the DNF package manager faster and more efficient.

Here is how to speed up the DNF package manager on your Rocky, Fedora, CentOS, RHEL, or any other Linux distribution that uses Dnf as its package manager. The default configuration of DNF is not optimized for speed. We can add a few tweaks to the dnf.conf and make it faster. The tweak we can … Read more