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How to fix Windows 10 Search bar

If Windows search bar is not working for you, here is how to fix it. These steps don’t need a restart. Steps to fixing the issue. Open a Administrator Command Prompt and enter the command below. The command will open a dialogue window. Click next. Now check “Can’t start a search or see results” and […]

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How To Uninstall Autodesk Genuine Service

If you have stopped using Autodesk products, you might have uninstalled all the programs you no longer, but wait, there is more, Autodesk never lets you uninstall Autodesk Genuine Service from your computer, you have to force uninstall it. The uninstaller will launch, when executing the uninstaller, but it does not let you uninstall it. […]

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Fixing Houdini startup error on Linux

After installing Houdini you may come across this error. This error appears in the Terminal, if you open it from the application launcher you maybe be getting this error but it does not show in any way. The solution to this error is to set the environment variable of LD_PRELOAD, as given below. You can […]