Atom on Debian/Ubuntu


Atom is a free open-source text/source editor for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows written in Node.js/C++/CSS/JavaScript and CoffeeScript with support for plugins written in Node.js and CoffeeScript. Atom offers embedded Git Control, Atom is developed by GitHub. Atom is based on Chromium. Atom can also be used as an IDE.

Atom comes with a build-in package manager APM. APM lets you install/create packages/plugins/themes for Atom. Atom recently added official .deb packages for Debian that can be installed on Debian or Debian based Linux distributions.


Downloading Atom official .deb package using curl.

<code class="language- bash">curl -# -L -O  

Unpacking and installing Atom on Debian/Ubuntu.

<code class="language- bash">sudo dpkg -i atom-amd64.deb  

You can launch Atom from terminal.

<code class="language- bash">atom  

If you want to launch Atom with a specific directory open as project enter the command below in the prefered directory.

<code class="language- bash">atom .  

Happy Coding

Composer on Windows


Composer is a cross-platform tool for dependency management in PHP. It allows you to declare the dependent libraries your project needs and it will install them in your project for you. Composer is very easy to use and makes web development even more faster and easier on Windows. To install Composer all you need is PHP compiler installed your Windows machine.

First lets get Composer-Setup.exe for Windows.

Once you are done downloading Composer-Setup.exe need to execute the Composer-Setup.exe file. The installer wizard should look something like this.

Composer-Setup wizard launched

Click Next.

Now the setup wizard should look something like this.

Composer-Setup setup two

Click next. If you prefer not installing Shell Menus.

Now Composer-Setup wizard would ask you for the path where PHP is located.

Composer-Setup step three

For WAMP users.


For XAMPP users.


![Composer Setup step four](

Once you have entered the correct PHP path you can click Next. Now Composer will download the required files and setup on your Windows system.

Composer-Setup step five

Now you can open Command Prompt and enter the command composer

Composer in CMD

Now you have Composer installed on your system.

You can find your Composer and PHP install path by entering where command

Where CMD

My First Classic Animation


This is my first classic animation created using a whiteboard a marker and a web camera placed on a stand connected to a computer. It took 35 minutes to create, film and edit and it was fun at the end to see all the efforts turning into a nice and short mini clip.

Hexo on Raspberry Pi


Hexo is a fast, simple and powerful blog framework,

powered by Node.js that uses EJS as its default templating engine, It also supports Handlebars and Jade as an alternative templating engine. Hexo also supports CSS preprocessor Stylus, Sass, Scss and Less. Hexo plugins can be built in Node.js. Hexo offer a _config.yml for themes this lets theme developers and custom strings and options to their theme without having to change the main _config.yml and disturb the default or stock config or cause any issue. Hexo compiles output faster than most static website/blog frameworks/generators.


To install Node.js on Raspbian/PiBang or Debian based Linux distribution for Raspberry Pi follow this guide

If you are running Arch Linux ARM on your Raspberry Pi.

pacman -S nodejs  

Once we get Node.js installed on our Raspberry Pi, we can install Hexo.

npm install -g hexo  

Creating a Hexo based website

hexo init Blog  

cd into Blog

cd Blog  

Run npm install.

npm install  

Your folder structure should look something like this.

├── _config.yml
├── package.json
├── scaffolds
├── scripts
├── source
|   ├── _drafts
|   └── _posts
└── themes

You can edit the _config.yml to customise the static generation or edit the _config.yml in the themes/<theme-name> to customise the theme. </theme-name>

Now generate static files.

hexo generate  

You can view the Hexo documentation to learn more.