Atom on Debian/Ubuntu

Atom is a free open-source text/source editor for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows written in Node.js/C++/CSS/JavaScript and CoffeeScript with support for plugins written in Node.js and CoffeeScript. Atom offers embedded Git Control, Atom is developed by GitHub. Atom is based on Chromium. Atom can also be used as an IDE.

Atom comes with a build-in package manager APM. APM lets you install/create packages/plugins/themes for Atom. Atom recently added official .deb packages for Debian that can be installed on Debian or Debian based Linux distributions.


Downloading Atom official .deb package using curl.

curl -# -L -O  
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Unpacking and installing Atom on Debian/Ubuntu.

sudo dpkg -i atom-amd64.deb  
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You can launch Atom from terminal.


If you want to launch Atom with a specific directory open as project enter the command below in the prefered directory.

atom .  

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