Linux kernel 3.9.5 has arrived. And you all can have it provided you’re running a Debian based system. This will include Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and every other distribution based on them.

[![Kernel 3.9.5](](
Because a picture is worth a thousand words, and kernels are abstract quantities, this is the closest we could come to a picture…

We’re currently unaware of what changes have been made but would appreciate it if you find any difference. I mean the change-log is [right here]( But we’re not qualified enough to understand what any of its content means. In any case, we’ve updated to kernel 3.9.5 and it hasn’t done any damage if not noticeable good. So, we’d recommend you update to the newer kernel just to stay current.

Procedure to update to kernel 3.9.5

Step 1: Open the terminal using [Ctrl][Alt][T].

You can do it differently, but come on, this is way cooler.

Step 2: Enter the following commands in this exact sequence.

wget -O kernel-3.9.5

chmod +x kernel-3.9.5

sudo sh kernel-3.9.5

Step 3: Do a system reboot.

You can do this in the usual way too but, again, you could impress everyone around you by the following terminal command.

sudo reboot

Now, this is unlikely, but if you ever wish to revert the changes made by this kernel you could purge the kernel 3.9.5 to get back to your stock kernel.


To remove kernel 3.9.5, open up terminal and enter in the following command.

sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.9.5*

That’s it!

Do remember, we’re not at all responsible for any damage it might cause your system. If you install it, you’re willingly doing knowing well the consequences it might have caused. Still, we can vouch for it as we’ve not had any problems in installing it.

Again, let us know if you’ve tried it and found any noticeable difference in your system.

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