Here is how to install Development Tools on Fedora Linux

su -
dnf -y groupinstall "Development Toos"

Here is a list of packages that would be installed in the group install process.

Installing group/module packages:
git                    x86_64      2.19.2-1.fc29         updates      155 k
patch                  x86_64      2.7.6-7.fc29          updates      123 k
subversion             x86_64      1.11.0-1.fc29         updates      1.1 M
systemtap              x86_64      4.0-2.fc29            updates      7.3 k
diffstat               x86_64      1.62-1.fc29           fedora        38 k
doxygen                x86_64      1:1.8.14-7.fc29       fedora       6.5 M
patchutils             x86_64      0.3.4-12.fc29         fedora       105 k
Installing dependencies:
git-core               x86_64      2.19.2-1.fc29         updates      3.7 M
git-core-doc           noarch      2.19.2-1.fc29         updates      2.3 M
kernel-devel           x86_64      4.19.4-300.fc29       updates       13 M
perl-Git               noarch      2.19.2-1.fc29         updates       47 k
subversion-libs        x86_64      1.11.0-1.fc29         updates      1.5 M
systemtap-client       x86_64      4.0-2.fc29            updates      3.5 M
systemtap-devel        x86_64      4.0-2.fc29            updates      2.1 M
systemtap-runtime      x86_64      4.0-2.fc29            updates      432 k
apr                    x86_64      1.6.5-1.fc29          fedora       106 k
apr-util               x86_64      1.6.1-8.fc29          fedora        90 k
dyninst                x86_64      9.3.2-12.fc29         fedora       3.7 M
libdwarf               x86_64      20180809-1.fc29       fedora       171 k
libserf                x86_64      1.3.9-10.fc29         fedora        57 k
perl-Error             noarch      1:0.17026-3.fc29      fedora        42 k
perl-TermReadKey       x86_64      2.37-9.fc29           fedora        35 k
utf8proc               x86_64      2.1.1-4.fc29          fedora        64 k
Installing weak dependencies:
apr-util-bdb           x86_64      1.6.1-8.fc29          fedora        12 k
apr-util-openssl       x86_64      1.6.1-8.fc29          fedora        14 k

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