Chromium on Fedora

Chromium is the best browser to use on Fedora, for several reasons. It is zippier than Firefox and Vivaldi.

Install Chromium.

sudo dnf install chromium -y

Install libraries to get H.264 and other video formats to render correctly (Make YouTube work flawlessly).

sudo dnf install chromium-libs-media-freeworld

I switched to Chromium after being a Firefox user for a long time before the transition I was switching between Vivaldi and Firefox.

Firefox turns sluggish after reaching a certain number of tabs, and at a point, it would not clear cache even if the development tools were open.

Vivaldi would have lag and turn sluggish to render pages and the default animation felt very sluggish once I had more than eight tabs open.

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By Darryl Dias

I am a 3D artist who spends this time creating renders and sequences that tell a story and at other times write code and Linux based development work

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