Jaxx wallet

The days are gone when you had to manage Blockchain assets manually and in the process learn new systems, wallets and interfaces. Decentral launched their new wallet Jaxx which supports highly valued Blockchain assets (BTC, ZEC, LTC, Doge, Dash, ETH, ETC, DAO, REP) and continues to add more cryptocurrencies based on the demand of the … Continue reading Jaxx wallet

Korora 21 Darla Cinnamon Review

Korora Linux is a Linux distribution based on Fedora. Korora is basically a supercharged build of Fedora that comes with various flavors that make the Linux experience even better. It offers some of the desktop environments, that official spins of Fedora don’t offer. Korora offers Cinnamon based distribution that sports the Cinnamon desktop environment, that … Continue reading Korora 21 Darla Cinnamon Review