Sidewalk theme for Grav

Dec 14, 2014

I developed Sidewalk. My first theme for Grav CMS. Grav is a flat-file CMS written in PHP developed by Rocket Themes. The theme is inspired by hexo-jade-barebone.

Installing the theme.

Clone the Sidewalk repository into your Grav CMS theme directory.

cd /user/themes/  

git clone Now change the ````
theme:` string to Sidewalk

theme: Sidewalk

`<code class="highlighter-rouge">`

`<code class="highlighter-rouge">Now you have Sidewalk theme running on your Grav CMS.`

 You can edit the Sidewalk.yaml to customise the theme Thank you for reading, you can drop me a line at my [contact page](, or have a quick chat by hitting the blue button at the bottom right


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Darryl Dias

I am a student, artist, and author currently living in Florida. My interests range from technology to arts. I am also interested in programming, writing

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