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Fedora 18 Mate Desktop Spin

A lot of people were asking for Fedora 18 (Spherical Cow) with Mate Desktop Environment pre-installed cd-image. The cd-image comes pre-installed with MATE desktop 1.5.5 version. What is MATE? MATE (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈmate]) is a desktop environment forked from the now-unmaintained code base of GNOME 2. The name derives from yerba mate, a species of holly native […]

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Linux Mint Debian Edition 201303 released!

The team is proud to announce the release of LMDE 201303. Screenshots *LMDE 201303 Cinnamon Edition*[![thumb_mate](](  *LMDE 201303 MATE Edition* **Highlights**- Update Pack 6 – MATE 1.4 – Cinnamon 1.6 – Installer improvements (graphical timezone and keyboard selection, support for installation on multiple HDD, slideshow, webcam and face picture support) – Device Driver Manager – Plymouth […]

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OpenSUSE 12.3: Now available for download

**[![snapshot1](×768.png)]( ** is a general purpose [operating system]( “Operating system”) built on top of the [Linux kernel]( “Linux kernel”), developed by the community-supported [openSUSE Project]( “OpenSUSE Project”) and sponsored by [SUSE]( “SUSE Linux distributions”) and a number of other companies. After [Novell]( “Novell”) acquired SUSE Linux in January 2004, Novell decided to release the SUSE Linux Professional […]