Install Linux Kernel 3.8.4 in Ubuntu/Linux Mint

**Linux Kernel 3.8.4** brings various changes and bug fixes, you can have a look at them [here]( As usual, we will upgrade to this new kernel using a simple bash script, but the kernel files can be downloaded from [here]( Here are some fixes in this latest Kernel: **    ALSA: seq: Fix missing error … Read more

OpenSUSE 12.3: Now available for download

**[![snapshot1](×768.png)]( ** is a general purpose [operating system]( “Operating system”) built on top of the [Linux kernel]( “Linux kernel”), developed by the community-supported [openSUSE Project]( “OpenSUSE Project”) and sponsored by [SUSE]( “SUSE Linux distributions”) and a number of other companies. After [Novell]( “Novell”) acquired SUSE Linux in January 2004, Novell decided to release the SUSE Linux Professional … Read more

Install/Upgrade to Linux Kernel 3.8.3 in Ubuntu/Linux Mint

**Linux Kernel 3.8.3 **has been released recently bringing more changes and bug fixes. In this article, we will see how to install this new kernel in Ubuntu/Linux Mint. For users preferring to install the kernel manually, please go [here]( Here are some fixes in kernel 3.8.3: **    ALSA: vmaster: Fix slave change notification** **  … Read more

Twitter official Windows 8 app is out above link is no longer valid Twitter today released its official Twitter app for Windows 8. Here is the Official Twitter press release: With Twitter, you can watch the world unfold like never before. *** Get real-time stories, pictures, videos, conversations, ideas, and inspiration all in your timeline.     ** Follow people and your … Read more

Kali Linux: Now available for download

Kali Linux is an advanced Penetration Testing and Security Auditing Linux distribution based on Debian and comes packed with Gnome as stock (DE Desktop Environment). Kali Linux is developed by Offensive Security, The same people who developed BackTrack. Features A custom version of Kali Linux is also available for ARM-powered devices and systems: Download Kali … Read more