Visual Studio Code is currently the most popular source code editor. It’s open source and maintained by Microsoft.

I have seen it enhance development workflow and has been a replacement tools in many cases where heavy IDE’s where used.

This article will show you how to get Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code installed and running on OpenSUSE or SLE (SUSE Linux Enterprise).

First, we need to add the repository to our system.

Adding the repository key to get the packages signed and installed correctly.

sudo rpm --import
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Adding the repository.

sudo sh -c 'echo -e "[code]\nname=Visual Studio Code\nbaseurl=\nenabled=1\ntype=rpm-md\ngpgcheck=1\ngpgkey=" > /etc/zypp/repos.d/vscode.repo'
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Refreshing the local repository database.

sudo zypper refresh

Installing Visual Studio Code

sudo zypper in code

You can also learn further about the package by passing the info command to zypper.

zypper info code

The top command should have a similar output.

darryl@localhost:~> zypper info code Loading repository data... Reading installed packages... Information for package code: ----------------------------- Repository : Visual Studio Code Name : code Version : 1.52.1-1608137084.el7 Arch : x86_64 Vendor : Microsoft Corporation Installed Size : 258.8 MiB Installed : No Status : not installed Source package : code-1.52.1-1608137084.el7.src Summary : Code editing. Redefined. Description : Visual Studio Code is a new choice of tool that combines the simplicity of a code editor with what developers need for the core edit-build-debug cycle. See for installation instructions and FAQ.
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