WhatsApp on Mac

WhatsApp had recently made their online web service available for user to connect their smartphone using QR Code, this let the user access WhatsApp with a Web UI, this could be done by scanning the QR Code with your smartphone camera

This service turned very popular, the problem with this was you need to have a web browser tab open or sometimes a separate new window for the Web Interface.

So, I discovered this app while browsing GitHub for interesting projects, I discovered ChitChat an open source, app available for Mac.

I tried it out and found it interesting and was the right solution for this problem.

You can install it by downloading it from here

This application lets you have WhatsApp Web as a Mac app and integrates well with the Notification Center and lets you access some options from the Apple menu bar.

The app is under active development, so there might be a few bugs, and certain features might not be currently completely functional like the media upload option

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions leave a comment below.