Typora Markdown editor

[Typora](http://typora.io/) is a free cross-platform Markdown editor for [Mac](https://apple.com/mac)/[Windows](https://windows.com)/[Linux](https://linux.com)), it currently in beta stage and under active development. You might be thinking not another Markdown editor, with keyboard shortcuts and side panel preview and custom CSS options. Typora is a **WYSIWYG** (**W**hat**Y**ou**S**ee**I**s**W**hat**Y**ou**G**et) editor, this means you would not have a separate preview panel to the side for preview, this is a great way for writing content, because your source editor is your preview editor, that updates as you are typing, so you have more screen space for writing and focus while typing will be on the same window and not a separate panel. *As the video below*

It is one of the best Markdown editors I have ever used till date.

It has many other features similar to the other Markdown editors like Mou

  • Custom theme
  • Font customization
  • Window style(how the app should appear)
  • Word count

It is a great editor for a writer who wants to edit and view the preview in the same place and wants to have a larger amount of screen space used for editing area. Thank you for reading, if you have any question feel free to leave a comment below.