Disable wp-admin redirect in Ghost

Ghost by default has redirect settings, so WordPress users who have migrated to Ghost, can visit the same old /wp-admin url and get redirected to the /ghost url, to access the Ghost Admin.

This is a useful functionality for users who have migrated to Ghost, who didn’t have knowledge that Ghost uses /ghost instead of /wp-admin.

Some user would like to disable this feature, due to several reasons.

This can be done by editing the /core/server/routes/frontend.js file and changing the following lines.


router.get(/^/((ghost-admin|admin|wp-admin|dashboard|signin|login)/?)$/, function (req, res) {  
        /*jslint unparam:true*/
        res.redirect(subdir + '/ghost/');

Remove wp-admin, the changes should look like:

router.get(/^/((ghost-admin|admin|dashboard|signin|login)/?)$/, function (req, res) {  
        /*jslint unparam:true*/
        res.redirect(subdir + '/ghost/');

Save the file.

Now restart Ghost, now Ghost will not redirect when you visit wp-admin, it will instead display 404 page.

Happy Blogging.

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