CSS: Social share buttons

I designed social share buttons for Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus, all these buttons are written in pure CSS and part of a project I have been working on.

It’s clean and simple, you can add them to your website, it’s hosted on my CDN.

The CDN is not longer available 

Markup of square buttons.

<a href="#" class="one twitter square">Twitter</a>  
<a href="#" class="one facebook square">Facebook</a>  
<a href="#" class="one google-plus square">Google +</a>  

Markup for curved buttons.

<a href="#" class="one twitter curved">Twitter</a>  
<a href="#" class="one facebook curved">Facebook</a>  
<a href="#" class="one google-plus curved">Google +</a>  

Jade users can use it too:

The CDN is not longer available 


a.one.twitter.square(href="#") Twitter  
a.one.facebook.square(href="#") Facebook  
a.one.google-plus.square(href="#") Google +  


a.one.twitter.curved(href="#") Twitter  
a.one.facebook.curved(href="#") Facebook  
a.one.google-plus.curved(href="#") Google +  

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