CG Meteoroid

I always wanted to create an art work of outer space and finally created it after several days and hours of work. Software: Blender 2.78 Render: Cycles Render

First attempt with ZBrush

I recently decided to try out ZBrush after learning about DynaMesh, I had been previously been sculpting in Blender. Here is screenshot of the sculptures Front view Side view Back view

Day Scene (Room Lighting)

I lit the scene to look like an early morning. Only three lights were used, one area light and two spotlights. The file was created by CGCookie

Chrome Shader Cycles Render (Blender)

As I was working on one of my projects that required a super glossy chrome shader. I ended up creating one for Cycles Render in Blender 2.78 and thought it would be nice to share. You can get it for free from here Feedback is always appreciated for improvement