Rtorrent is a text-based ncurses BitTorrent client written in C++ based on the LibTorrent libraries for Unix, Rtorrent is very minimal, takes very less system resource. On high-bandwidth connections, It claims to be able to seed at three times the speed of the official BitTorrent client. Rtorrent is a package available for various Linux distribution. Rutorrent is a third party Web GUI for Rtorrent that is used widely by headless server that seed Linux distributions, Rutorrent makes it easier to use Rtorrent and gives it a front-end GUI to operate. We will be installing Rutorrent using a simple 'bash' script created by Kerwood. The 'bash' script will download dependencies required to compile and install Rtorrent and LibTorrent.

Dependencies the bash file will install



  1. git
  2. apache2
  3. apache2-utils
  4. build-essential
  5. libsigc++-2.0-dev
  6. libcurl4-openssl-dev
  7. automake libtool
  8. libcppunit-dev
  9. libncurses5-dev
  10. libapache2-mod-scgi
  11. php5
  12. php5-curl
  13. php5-cli
  14. libapache2-mod-php5
  15. screen
  16. unrar-free
  17. unzip


Installing wget if you don't have it already installed.

sudo apt-get install wget  

Downloading the latest version of the shell file.

wget https://raw.github.com/Kerwood/rtorrent.auto.install/master/rtorrent.auto.install-NEWEST-VERSION  

Make the file executable.

chmod +x rtorrent.auto.install-NEWEST-VERSION  

Run the script

sudo ./rtorrent.auto.install-NEWEST-VERSION  

Once the bash script compiles and installs Rutorrent it would ask you to set a username and password for the Rutorrent Web GUI. After you have chosen you username and password for Rutorrent Web GUI, It would ask you to choose plugins from a list of plugins

Now Apache2 would restart.

You can access Rutorrent by visiting this link.

Now you have Rutorrent installed on your Debian system.