Linux Kernel 4.3 on Ubuntu

[Linux Kernel]( 4.3 ships with *20.6* million lines of code with support for [Skylake]( lines of CPU by [Intel]( So Skylake based hardware can run efficiently with good stability. The performance improvement is noticeable on some hardware’s running this build of Kernel on Ubuntu based Linux distributions (I have not worked on this personally these […]

Front-end editor for WordPress

WordPress is a great CMS(Content Management System) to manage blogs, websites of various scales, over time it has gained popularity due to fulfilling demand of its users. It has gained features like autosave and many other features of the time. The only thing it lacks at this point is a front-end editor, for the user. […]

Steam on Debian

Steam is a simple and easy to use digital distribution platform by Valve, most popular for game distribution, it supports Windows, OS X and Linux. To install Steam on Debian all we need to do is get the Steam Debian package and install it. Download the Steam.deb or use this command.

Custom shelf in Maya

Maya by default comes with shelves that contain various tools for different divisions of works like Animating and Modeling. If you prefer to have your own shelf with the tools you prefer, that are not already part of any of the shelves, you can add tools with a simple keyboard shortcut or by using MEL […]