Jaxx wallet

The days are gone when you had to manage Blockchain assets manually and in the process learn new systems, wallets and interfaces. Decentral launched their new wallet Jaxx which supports highly valued Blockchain assets (BTC, ZEC, LTC, Doge, Dash, ETH, ETC, DAO, REP) and continues to add more cryptocurrencies based on the demand of the communities.

It also ships with ShapeShift integration this means you can exchange the cryptocurrencies without exiting the wallet. (For example, if you are interested in investing in ZCash by exchanging it with Bitcoin.)

Security wise it is quite secure because it keeps the private key on the device and not the centralized servers.

The best part is, it supports all the popular OS platforms and recovering the assets is easy because you only require a single recovery pass phase.

Here are some screenshots of the wallet. Don’t send funds to these addresses.

![Jaxx Bitcoin](https://res.cloudinary.com/darryl/image/upload/v1484819146/neyln1vayc3ehgtvjici.png)
![Jaxx ZCash](https://res.cloudinary.com/darryl/image/upload/v1484819160/drgd1bvpdvivryndexph.png)
![Jaxx Ethereum](https://res.cloudinary.com/darryl/image/upload/v1484819308/ffgyh5gqsvlj4jd5cmyd.png)

This is my first ever write up in the cryptocurrency world, feedback is always accepted, let me know what you think about this wallet, I would like to hear from you guys.