Install/Upgrade to Linux 3.9.1 for Ubuntu/Linux Mint

May 10, 2013
**Linux Kernel 3.9.1 **brings various bug fixes and improvements.

Here are some of them as shown in the changelog:

  • **    ext4: fix Kconfig documentation for CONFIG_EXT4_DEBUG**
  • **    ext4: fix online resizing for ext3-compat file systems**
  • **    ixgbe: fix EICR write in ixgbe_msix_other**
  • **    wireless: regulatory: fix channel disabling race condition**
  • **    ACPI: Fix wrong parameter passed to memblock_reserve**
  • **    ASoC: max98088: Fix logging of hardware revision**
  • **    ALSA: hda – Fix aamix activation with loopback control on VIA codecs**
  • **    ALSA: usb-audio: Fix autopm error during probing**
  • **    ALSA: emu10k1: Fix dock firmware loading**
  • **    fs/fscache/stats.c: fix memory leak**
  • **    usb: chipidea: udc: fix memory leak in _ep_nuke**
  • **    ARM: at91/trivial: fix model name for SAM9G15-EK**
  • **    ARM: at91: Fix typo in restart code panic message**

** **

Linux Kernel 3.9.1 Installation

To install this new kernel in Ubuntu/Linux Mint, enter these commands from the terminal at your own risk:

cd /tmp

wget -O kernel-3.9.1

chmod +x kernel-3.9.1

sudo sh kernel-3.9.1

**    sudo reboot**

For kernel removal, enter this command:

sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.9.1*

** **


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