CSS: Social share buttons

Aug 28, 2015
I designed social share buttons for [Twitter](https://twitter.com), [Facebook](https://facebook.com) and [Google Plus](https://plus.google.com), all these buttons are written in pure CSS and part of a project I have been working on.

It’s clean and simple, you can add them to your website, it’s hosted on my CDN.

“` The CDN is not longer available “`
Markup of square buttons.
`[Twitter](#) [Facebook](#) [Google +](#)`
Markup for curved buttons.
`[Twitter](#) [Facebook](#) [Google +](#)`
Jade users can use it too:
“` The CDN is not longer available “`
“` a.one.twitter.square(href=”#”) Twitter a.one.facebook.square(href=”#”) Facebook a.one.google-plus.square(href=”#”) Google + “`
“` a.one.twitter.curved(href=”#”) Twitter a.one.facebook.curved(href=”#”) Facebook a.one.google-plus.curved(href=”#”) Google + “`
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Darryl Dias

I am a student, 3D artist, and author currently living in Florida. My interests range from technology to arts. I am also interested in programming, writing

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