Darryl Dias

Autosave in Maya

Autosave is a very handy feature, available in Maya.

Autosave, its names says it all, it incrementally saves the file, by default it saves the file with a five-minute interval.

This can be very useful if you are used to working for long hours, and you are used to seeing the apple spinning pinwheel, if you don't here is what it looks like. OS_X_10.11_Beta_Beach_Ball

Let's not go more in depth with why you see the pinwheel, time to go straight into setting up Autosave.

First open Maya preferences. Windows > Settings/Preferences > Preferences settings-and-preferences

Maya Settings/Preferences

The AutoSave tab is located under File/Projects
Maya Auto Save Off

All you need to do is click on the Enable check-box,, you can edit the settings below to according to your requirements.

Maya Auto Save On

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