Arrange files and folder by name in Mac

Nov 20, 2015
Mac by default does not sort files by Name, this might make it difficult to find files and folder if you come from other OS environments like Windows or Linux(depends on the file manager default sorting).

It is very easy to sort files and folders by name and set it as a default sorting type.

Open Finder, then press COMMAND+J, this will open a window.

The window will offer you to “Sort By:”, the option will provide you with a dropdown menu which contains “Name” and other various types of sorting types.

To set this as the default sorting order press the “Use as Defaults” button, this will turn your local folder setting to a global setting, global settings will be applied to Finder, this means all the files and folder will be now sorted by “Name”.

Thank you for reading, if you have any question leave a comment below.

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