I spend most of my time, trying to learn new things and try to improve on things I already know, it might be a skill a technique, theory, or practical task.

It was nice to know things, knowing a lot of things is also a good thing, but having the right knowledge, which can be applied correctly and can be used efficiently is very important.

If you know something, but you don’t know how to apply it correctly, it just means you don’t know enough of it, that does not mean that its end of the world, the belief, that you can’t get better is the end of you’re learning the world and lowering your self-esteem.

Sometimes, you might know something, but you find a struggle trying it practically, thinking of it theoretically is very easy, but doing it practically might not be as easy.

The answer to this problem is simple, you need to repeat it over and over till you feel it’s something you know and you can do it, doing it over and over will automatically fuel your self-confidence because now you are doing something you already know and you are already good at.

Let me explain how this worked for me

I had difficulty reading and I would get stuck on every second word of a sentence, people hearing me would get fed up and give up on listening to me, just because the sentences did not have that smooth flow, I was so bad at reading that even person stammering could read faster than me and was smoother than how would read.

I knew that it needs to be fixed, but I was not sure how.

So one day, I realised that I am interested in cars and the only way know more was by reading magazines that contained that latest information about cars and the automotive industry, so I finally got my first magazine, it was the AutoCar India 2005 November edition, I started reading it, I read it to myself and liked the magazine so much that, I read every issue of this magazine, I started having information about a lot of vehicles and how they were built, I could remember 60 pages of price list of cars and automotive parts.

I now had read over 24 magazines in a span of two years and now I had the knowledge, that I used to suggest people over what car they should buy and what would fit their needs.

I never realized this improvement in my reading skills, until my mother told me one day that I don’t struggle any more reading, I started laughing hearing that and finally felt that I did it.

I realized that the will for learning something I wanted to learn about helped me improve my skill of reading. The magazines were a map to the woods, but it also let me learn how to get into the woods.

The simple trick to get good at things is to simply start it and be persistent at learning it, keep going it over and over and at some point it is something you have done so many times, that it will make you feel, doing it this time will be no different, you will realize that.

This also gave you the self-confidence, will fuel your journey of learning something new.

learning, never give up, believe in yourself and thank you for reading.

I compiled a list of software and services that I use to improve my workflow, here is the link to the list.

Darryl Dias

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