IO.JS on Mac

[IO.JS]( is a folk of [Node.js]( that uses the latest build of Google’s V8 Engine and supports [ES6](, In some performance benchmarks IO.JS is faster than Node.js

The performance benchmarks of IO.JS vs Node.js can be found over here.

IO.JS is recommended if you are working on a new project, if you are using a project built on Node.js, it have a few bugs or might not support IO.JS due to various reasons.

You can download IO.JS from here

Installing IO.JS is similar to any other Mac OS X application using the pkg or Homebrew the instruction for both types are provided.

Double click the pkg.

Go through the setup.

If you prefer installing IO.JS using Homebrew, you can do that by running (Homebew is required).

brew install iojs brew link iojs –force

</div>Open Terminal and check the IO.JS and NPM version.

Thank you for reading.

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