Ghost Material(Ghost)


Ghost Material is a clean, simple responsive and snappy theme for Ghost blogging platform built with Google’s Material Design library.

It supports devices of all screen sizes and live tile update for Windows 8/8.1 and 10 for users who use Microsoft Edge and IE.

Works with any version of Ghost above 0.6.x

All of that just for $5

Any questions about this product are welcomed, just leave a comment below.

Transfer files using Rsync


I had been using FTP for a very long time for transferring, it is a great protocol for file transfer, but it is time-consuming when transferring big files or many files to a distant server, a server can timeout if the server is or the client network is slow.

I spend some time trying to discover alternatives. I finally discovered Rsync, a nice protocol to transfer files which were also supported by my Server/receiver where I wanted my files to be transferred.

So, I wrote this small script and thought I would share it.

rsync –compress –recursive –checksum upload_folder/

This is a simple and easy way to upload file, you can edit the flags according to your needs

Thank you for reading.



PageKit is an open source CMS (Content Management System) written in PHP, build using Symphony components and Vue.js, developed by YooTheme.

It has a very clean and easy to use admin interface inspired by Google’s Material Design, that contains customizable widgets.

It offers 3rd party developers to develop themes and plugins(extensions), plugin and theme dependencies are managed by composer, which reduces the amount of manual labor for a user, and fewer things to manage for a programmer/coder.

PageKit offers both SQLite and MySQL support, so you can choose what suits best for you.

I discovered PageKit while searching for a CMS that has a well-written codebase, uses composer to manage dependencies and can work with SQLite, you might know, I am not a big fan of MySQL if you have read my earlier posts over other CMSs.

I have been observing this project since I had discovered it, it has a higher potential than most other CMS out there, specifically CMSs that support SQLite.

According to my vision the day PageKit full fills all the common CMS requirements and reaches 1.0, it will already be a big competitor for most of the popular CMS out there.

Once PageKit has well-written documentation and stable codebase, with common feature support which is currently work in progress for the developers, it will be the CMS I would recommend everyone.

This CMS is one of the second CMS I would recommend after Grav

Leave a comment below and lets me know what you think.