Wintersmith on Raspberry Pi

[Wintersmith]( is a open source flexible static website generator writen in [Node.js]( that uses Jade for templating and Marked.

Jade is a simple and easy to use templating engine that supports complete HTML markup and uses indent to nest a specific tag in or out of another tag. Marked is a Markdown parser that supports GitHub Flavoured Markdown. Wintersmith stores it’s preferences and settings in a <code class="highlighter-rouge">config.json file. Wintersmith is faster than most of the popular static website generator, Wintersmith can gain more functionality when plugins are added by default, Wintersmith ships with <code class="highlighter-rouge"> plugin that lets you paginate your posts. Wintersmith is also very lightweight which makes it a winner for the Raspberry Pi in the static website world.

We can begin by installing Wintersmith by following a few simple steps.

Installing Node.js on Debian based Linux distribution for Raspberry Pi (Raspbian, PiBang).


<code class="language- bash">wget  


<code class="language- bash">sudo dpkg -i node_latest_armhf.deb  

Installing Node.js on Arch Linux ARM for Raspberry Pi.

<code class="language- bash">sudo pacman -Sy nodejs  

Installing on Fedora based Linux distribution for Raspberry Pi (Fedora ARM, Pidora).

<code class="language- bash">sudo yum install node npm  

Once you are done installing Node.js on your Raspberry Pi, we can now go ahead and successfuly install Wintersmith.

<code class="language- bash">sudo npm install -g wintersmith  

We now have Wintersmith installed on our Raspberry Pi.

You can now create you first Wintersmith based website.

<code class="language- bash">wintersmith new Blog  

Now you can enter the directory.

<code class="language- bash">cd Blog/  

We can load the preview web server that comes built-in in Wintersmith.

<code class="language- bash">wintersmith preview  

We can alslo build the output files.

<code class="language- bash">wintersmith build  

To customise your website edit the <code class="highlighter-rouge">config.json.